July 31, 2011


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Today I celebrate the first full year as avatar in Second Life.

July 29, 2011

Flying in Second Life

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I presented Walt Faulds earlier (oh, I’ve just seen, only on Flickr 1, 2) as one of the greatest collectors of anything that moves in Second Life. He and his friends, espacially Gib Niekerk who did the filming and the voiceover, have finished a great machinima about the freedom SL offers to those who can still experience the world with the heart of a child, and what a great place Second Life actually is to do so:

July 28, 2011

Lots of racing

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A day at the races

Lots of funny vehicles at Burn2

The weekend of the Burn2 races just passed, when there was another fun race event. A member of the German board SLInside made a cute freebie plane and made it modifiable, and quickly there was a decision made to make a competition for the finest modification and the fastest flyer on a prepared course. Unfortunately I spent more time to dress for success then to make a fun flyer:

Dressed for success

Me and my plane

Dressed for success

Dressed for success

So my plane didn’t win the beauty contest, with all that creativity around, but actually I won the race.
Here you can see a video of the event, with lots of the planes, the course, and me dancing 😉

And here is a video I done while I was training, with exactly the same laptimes:

Amelia Erhard

Amelia Erhart

The race outfit was definitely inspired by Amelia Erhart whom I admire quite a bit for her coolness in times women where tied to household and nurse based work.

I made closer shot to demonstrate that I even included my Black Velvet jewelry
A closer view on my race trim

and the best thing? Laughton, a member of my home community on SL paints all members and made a painting of me in the dress:

Protrait by Laughton

Portrait by Laughton

Amelia Erhard

Amelia Erhart with the glasses

July 16, 2011

Some progress for my hypergrid (enabled grid)

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I finally got my ordered upgrade of my internet connection, so I can handle enough visitors
DSL Geschwindigkeits Test
And while I made some journeys through the uncharted territories of the hypergrid I came over this two fine copyable ships that I placed in the area of my first ship that is planned to become a haven. Yet I saw its to small.


July 14, 2011

Introducion to fairies

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When I am a fairy, I’m often confused for an elven girl. Yet the cousinhood is closer to mermaids.

I found a good description over here:

Faerie kin can be divided into numerous classes, or races. Fairie is a collective term for many different beings, usually possessing magical powers. Many fairies have a human form, but some have animal or human/animal shapes. Who they are and how many there is, is something that varies among the facts I’ve found. So I give you all the classes I’ve found, and you can decide for yourself who you think are fay and who’re not.
Four major classes can be found:

The fay is mainly used to signify enchanters and enchantresses with supernatural powers. Some fay are mortal, others are supernatural beings or are part human and part supernatural. Two well-known fays are the Lady of the Lake and Morgan le Fay.
Certain monsters and demons having a connection with fairies and/or having some of the characteristics of fairies.
Nature fairies.
The nature fairies are mermaids, water-spirits, tree-spirits and such.
Fairie people.
This may be considered “true” fairies. Two main groups: The communal fairies, who belong to a group, tribe, and/or nation and live together, or the individual or solitary fairies, who are usually associated with a place, occupation, or household.
For the most part communal fairies live in a Fairie land and may have a loosely organized social structure, or a distinct structure with a king and/or queen.
The solitary fairies are of two general types. Some have a connection with humans, others avoid them. The hobgoblins are friendly spirits who live in houses and do domestic chores, such as helping bread to rise and caring for unattended babies. The brownie is another type of solitary Fairie. The banshee is a solitary Fairie who wails to foretell the death of a family member. The leprechaun is a solitary Fairie who shuns human contact.
Those four groups consist of different creatures, and here are some of them:

Gnomes are earthly creatures, guardians of sacred places or things. Their weakness is sparkly things like precious stones. They make beautiful things out of stones and gems.
Sprites are playful nature spirits that live in ponds, trees or other cool places. They often play with nymphs and butterflies and were charged with changing the color of the leaves in autumn. They are muses to artists and poets and can bond to humans or elves, in which case they stay for the rest of their lives.
Elves are carefree nature spirits who dance and play stringed instruments. They live underground in in springs…sometime seven in air…They aren’t bad, but sometimes their pranks have been fatal to humans, but never intentionally. Elves apparently came in several distinct varieties. Though they were a rather mournful lot, one breed of elves was an invisible kitchen helper for good servants, the other the bringer of illness and misery. They can be of both sexes, or sexless. They can have wings, often do, and are no more than 30 cm high. Originally a part of Scandinavian mythology. The good elves lived in the air and the trees, and the evil ones underground.
Dwarfs are often thought of as strictly male, but some taletellers tell of female dwarfs…but who can tell?? Their beard is as thick as a male’s!! (ok.. some say they don’t have beards! Not even the males!!) They live for mining gold and silver and live in groups. They are masters at metalworking.
Jinn (Arabian). Spirits with shape shifting ability. They’re normally transparent, composed of flame or vapor. Some are good, while others are evil. If they take human shape, they are generally handsome if good, and horribly hideous if evil. They may also be of an enormous size and can make themselves invisible This means they cam disappear into earth, air, or through solid objects. They usually live in deserted buildings, water cisterns and wells, rivers, crossroads and markets. Ghoul, that haunt burial grounds and feeds upon dead human bodies is thought to be an inferior order of the jinn.
Mermaids are water-dwelling females with long-hair. Woman to the waist and a fish tail below. some say legs or two tails) She is musical. Often sings or plays the harp. They normally inhabits the sea, but may also be found in lakes, rivers, wells and other watery places. They have been known to warn of storms or other future events, and if one is seized, she can be forced to doso, or to perform other tasks. Mermaids may sometimes adopt land-dwelling children, making them their protector. Mermaids may also marry a land-dweller, or draw men to under the sea with them, either allowing them to live-in bliss or to be drowned, depending on her whim. Nixes are similar to mermaids, but are able to assume totally human form, but they always retain some mark of being non-human.
Goblins are pranksters, and are known to rearrange items in the house or tangle horses’ manes. On one page I found the beautiful analysis “As we near the 21st century, it seems obligatory to seethe goblins as representing the conflicts we all have within ourselves- most as ugly and mischievous as the goblins were known to be.”
Pixies are neat creatures.. They aern’t evil, but perform quite unkind tricks, like leading travelers astray or to steal naughty children. They like to pinch maids who don’t keep the house clean. They were often thought to be the souls of babies who had died before baptism.
Leprechauns. Shoemakers for the noble faeries of Ireland. They were cranky, solitary, and strangely enough, often seen by humans. A caught leprechaun tricks his captor into releasing him by telling him he can show him the way to the shoemaker’s great golden treasure, which the sad captor will never see, since the leprechaun will disappear before you know it…
Trolls. Nowadays, we often think of trolls as big, clumsy creatures who go around hitting people on the head with a hammer or something, but in the Middle Ages they were thought to have magical powers as fortune-telling.
Asrai are small, delicate water faeries. Fishermen might catch Asrai with his catch. When exposed to air they melt, leaving nothing more than water behind.
Brownies come out at night to finish work that’s been left unfinished. They are devoted to their household and expect nothing but a bowl of cream and a cake for their concern. Any offer of reward or clothing will drive the brownie away. Boggarts are “evil” brownies, they’ve often have been wronged by humans. They like tricking humans and often cause a great deal of trouble.
Changelings are fairies taking the place of a human child who has been stolen by other faeries. (in some stories like Scandinavian ones, changelings are Troll children) Parents may recover their own child if they can trick the changeling into revealing it’s age.
Selkies are faeries who put on seal skins and appear to be seals as they travel in the water. On land they shed their seal skins and have human form. A selkie maiden can be won as brides by stealing their seal skin as it lay on the beach, so they couldn’t return home.

July 12, 2011

My first machinima

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After testing a bit around with screenrecording software I could easily see, that only fraps will do, which has a price tag. It’s quite a bit unusual for me, because I only had four applications with a price tag on my system, and that includes windows itself, but I bought it. But I still had nothing I thought be worthy of recording. Today I had another first – sailing a boat in Second Life.  So I combined it to two firsts (please excuse the bad English in the subtitles)

What I still need is a good editing software. I tried a few and used VideoPad here, but am not exactly happy with the results. And its once more a software that tricked me into installing shareware by faking freeware. That doesn’t make me a potential customer, that makes me angry. Fraps is a shareware, too, and I bought it, but when I tried it out I knew that and was not tricked. I bought it because of its quality in compared to all those free screenrecorders around.

July 10, 2011

World Builder

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July 9, 2011

Hair Fair

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Im usually not much into shopping. At least in Second Life. But, maybe it swept over from my hairy experience in the hypergrid, I did know the yearly Hair Fair in Second Life is running and I gave it a try.

It was not that pleasant an experience. Its nicely done, beach themed over 4 sims, but even while it is running a view days now, it was very crowded with all the lag that comes with it. But I got a view demos and presents and teleported to my skybox, to try them out.

I found myself quite astounded how much hair makes the person – and the age as well.

Demo or Mode?

This was a fun combination. Even with the demo tag... it could be read "mode" too. Greetings from "Ugly Betty"?

Still not Ginger...

The Doctor knows the trick of changing avatars, too. Yet he never managed to be ginger. I like it.

Quite young

And now it gets creepy, I look so different, and so much younger with this hair


Not that I wanted to buy everything. A case of punk gone wrong

Actually I had other negative experiences too. Many hairpieces looked good on first sight, but than you saw how stiff it is, one even peeking inside out from my back – with the motion from the head it looked like I was slowly killed by multiple blades. Like a horror movie plus immersion. Actually I felt sick. Others looked well only from one angle, because the alpha bug ruined it from all others.


I loved the jewelry, the purple hair and the cap. A good things they all were gifts

And blonde, finally some good

And this I really wanted to have, instantly

After looking through all gifts and demo hair, I had a view hairpieces I wanted to take a closer look, most of all, at the price tag. The experience didn’t get much better that. I teleported to each shop, only to be lost in to many vendors and found that the products where not in the shop, they were exclusive for the fair. So I had to find exact these shops again. Thanks to the goddess or google, whichever you prefer, I found this blog entry with an overview of the exact store locations on the four sims: Hair Fair 2011: More than just hair…

and more...

Even more blonde

I left the fair with three pieces of hair:
All only possible with the tattoo layer. The first is a combination of flat hair combed to the back, either leading to a hugh curley hair or just standalone. The second were tight braids which really look great. And all look very good in blonde. Which, as I said is not so easy to come by. The blue dress, by the way, is a gift too and it is a great match for my Blue Velvet necklace.

Yet my favorite was the short hair I already mentioned. Me liking short hair? Then I did wear it for the first time, and it came to understand. When I was about the age my avatar looks like, I had my hair in a very similar fashion. And its astounding how much it looks like my younger self now. In real life I have a bit wider and longer jaw, and my cheekbones are higher up, yet the similarity is striking.

Finally blond

Very me, very immersive

July 3, 2011

Make your Avatar real

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While “reality vs. virtuality” is a theme I eventually will make a post about I want to wait with it until this blog gained some regular viewers in the hope of starting a discussion, I came over an interesting item.

Its actually the Avatar of a girl playing the Japanese game “Fiesta” brought to the real world with the help of an unknown 3D Software and an 3D printing service i.materialise. Its especially interesting since the 3D Printer made the colours of the texture out of various source materials – automatically.

While I think she rebuilt the avatar completeley in an 3D program while having no access to the 3D Data of the game (she doesn’t tell that much about it) its an interesting option for those who built art in Second Life or OpenSim they wan’t to see in the real world. It might be complicated for avatars (here is a tutorial on how to import it to Blender: Machinimatrix – rigg your avatar ) and primbased structures (this free program exports to 3D Studio Max: Primcomposer – Maxproxy ), it should not be a problem for things done in sculpties or meshes form.

I’d really love to see a model of the roadster I made in “real life”.
Even my roadster was presented

July 1, 2011

A first structure

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My hypergrided sim needs to take shape. Its only online for about a week now and I already had three visitors. So the first thing I did was to make the nearest thing look as good as I could make it in the time, and that was the hypergate itself.
A first structur
somewhat. I still have ideas how to make the textures and the fire better. Yet the flames and the smoke react to wind, which makes them look very alive. And I pretty much love the view.