July 3, 2011

Make your Avatar real

Posted in Grids at 1:06 pm by SarahAndrea Royce

While “reality vs. virtuality” is a theme I eventually will make a post about I want to wait with it until this blog gained some regular viewers in the hope of starting a discussion, I came over an interesting item.

Its actually the Avatar of a girl playing the Japanese game “Fiesta” brought to the real world with the help of an unknown 3D Software and an 3D printing service i.materialise. Its especially interesting since the 3D Printer made the colours of the texture out of various source materials – automatically.

While I think she rebuilt the avatar completeley in an 3D program while having no access to the 3D Data of the game (she doesn’t tell that much about it) its an interesting option for those who built art in Second Life or OpenSim they wan’t to see in the real world. It might be complicated for avatars (here is a tutorial on how to import it to Blender: Machinimatrix – rigg your avatar ) and primbased structures (this free program exports to 3D Studio Max: Primcomposer – Maxproxy ), it should not be a problem for things done in sculpties or meshes form.

I’d really love to see a model of the roadster I made in “real life”.
Even my roadster was presented

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