July 9, 2011

Hair Fair

Posted in Second Life at 11:56 pm by SarahAndrea Royce

Im usually not much into shopping. At least in Second Life. But, maybe it swept over from my hairy experience in the hypergrid, I did know the yearly Hair Fair in Second Life is running and I gave it a try.

It was not that pleasant an experience. Its nicely done, beach themed over 4 sims, but even while it is running a view days now, it was very crowded with all the lag that comes with it. But I got a view demos and presents and teleported to my skybox, to try them out.

I found myself quite astounded how much hair makes the person – and the age as well.

Demo or Mode?

This was a fun combination. Even with the demo tag... it could be read "mode" too. Greetings from "Ugly Betty"?

Still not Ginger...

The Doctor knows the trick of changing avatars, too. Yet he never managed to be ginger. I like it.

Quite young

And now it gets creepy, I look so different, and so much younger with this hair


Not that I wanted to buy everything. A case of punk gone wrong

Actually I had other negative experiences too. Many hairpieces looked good on first sight, but than you saw how stiff it is, one even peeking inside out from my back – with the motion from the head it looked like I was slowly killed by multiple blades. Like a horror movie plus immersion. Actually I felt sick. Others looked well only from one angle, because the alpha bug ruined it from all others.


I loved the jewelry, the purple hair and the cap. A good things they all were gifts

And blonde, finally some good

And this I really wanted to have, instantly

After looking through all gifts and demo hair, I had a view hairpieces I wanted to take a closer look, most of all, at the price tag. The experience didn’t get much better that. I teleported to each shop, only to be lost in to many vendors and found that the products where not in the shop, they were exclusive for the fair. So I had to find exact these shops again. Thanks to the goddess or google, whichever you prefer, I found this blog entry with an overview of the exact store locations on the four sims: Hair Fair 2011: More than just hair…

and more...

Even more blonde

I left the fair with three pieces of hair:
All only possible with the tattoo layer. The first is a combination of flat hair combed to the back, either leading to a hugh curley hair or just standalone. The second were tight braids which really look great. And all look very good in blonde. Which, as I said is not so easy to come by. The blue dress, by the way, is a gift too and it is a great match for my Blue Velvet necklace.

Yet my favorite was the short hair I already mentioned. Me liking short hair? Then I did wear it for the first time, and it came to understand. When I was about the age my avatar looks like, I had my hair in a very similar fashion. And its astounding how much it looks like my younger self now. In real life I have a bit wider and longer jaw, and my cheekbones are higher up, yet the similarity is striking.

Finally blond

Very me, very immersive


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