July 28, 2011

Lots of racing

Posted in Second Life at 11:20 pm by SarahAndrea Royce

A day at the races

Lots of funny vehicles at Burn2

The weekend of the Burn2 races just passed, when there was another fun race event. A member of the German board SLInside made a cute freebie plane and made it modifiable, and quickly there was a decision made to make a competition for the finest modification and the fastest flyer on a prepared course. Unfortunately I spent more time to dress for success then to make a fun flyer:

Dressed for success

Me and my plane

Dressed for success

Dressed for success

So my plane didn’t win the beauty contest, with all that creativity around, but actually I won the race.
Here you can see a video of the event, with lots of the planes, the course, and me dancing 😉

And here is a video I done while I was training, with exactly the same laptimes:

Amelia Erhard

Amelia Erhart

The race outfit was definitely inspired by Amelia Erhart whom I admire quite a bit for her coolness in times women where tied to household and nurse based work.

I made closer shot to demonstrate that I even included my Black Velvet jewelry
A closer view on my race trim

and the best thing? Laughton, a member of my home community on SL paints all members and made a painting of me in the dress:

Protrait by Laughton

Portrait by Laughton

Amelia Erhard

Amelia Erhart with the glasses

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