October 29, 2011


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After the presentation of MetaLes current installation by Maddy Gynoid, I visited the sim, and I like to share that moment of joy and beauty

October 27, 2011

A trailer…

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I really have found quite some fun in making Machinimas. Being a pretrolhead I quickly had quite some conversations with Scholes Davin, proud owner of Pro Street Cars. And he was eager to present me their newest creation (cars of Pro Street Cars are the work of a team) so I tool the camera. And while cutting all the footage I came across the idea of making my machinimas a show, with a title that every petrolhead will easily renember.

So watch out for:

October 25, 2011

Land, air, water

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After my first Machinima about my sailing experience in Second Life (which was a first too) and the footage of a training round in a plane for a german event I rounded I had to cover landvehicels, too, didn’t I?

Actually, the resulting Machinima is the first one that I’d really call that ( I made the Login 2 Life Screening one later), because it has a small story element, some quick cuts and a well mixed sound. I’m actually proud of it:

October 23, 2011

14th Floor

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When I set up my first Region in my homegrown OpenSim, I named it 14th floor after the often overlooked, but great movie: 13th Floor.

Yet it is not a perfect match for what the island has become right now nor what I plan it to be in the future.

Currently it is not fully equipped. But I have one spot, the Island of lovers, that is exactly how I like it to be: The Island of lovers:

The Island of Lovers

While you can sit around a fire and theres a view couple dances prepared, it does not completley catch up with its name. There is no place a pair can spend cuddling and snuggling. I plan to do such a spot right here in the shadow of the tree:
A nice spot on the Island of Lovers
Its a very nice place at sunset, too:
In the evening

At the opposite part of my island I had a hugh project, a big “Fachwerkhaus” I built from scratch based on some real world corn storages:
Nearly finished
It has 4 floors and this is how it looks like from the inside:
And what I’m most proud of is the lifting block on the front, which is very detailed and, as I prefer, is completely done whit basic prims:
Its done
In more detail:
More Detail

If you want to take a closer look inworld, feel free to visit:

October 22, 2011

Login 2 Life Screening

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Today there was a Screening of Login 2 Life on Ability Island. I was there and enjoyed it a lot, so I made a Machinima about it:

You still have Saturday and Sunday, to view Login 2 Life on the ZDF Mediathek

October 19, 2011

Long time no see?

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Actually at first I was pretty busy with my “Fachwerkhaus” on my homegrown grid and then really took a month or so off from virtual worlds. And then it took I while for me to get to blogging again.

First of all I want to point readers to the fantastic documentation Login 2 Live, you can watch it here the next view days (don’t mind the german subtitles, its mostly spoken english) Just click on the banner:

and you can find a great review on Inara Peys blog.

Don’t get it wrong. Its about people not so much about Second Life or World of Warcraft themself.
Some more posts will soon follow.