October 19, 2011

Long time no see?

Posted in Metaverse at 7:42 am by SarahAndrea Royce

Actually at first I was pretty busy with my “Fachwerkhaus” on my homegrown grid and then really took a month or so off from virtual worlds. And then it took I while for me to get to blogging again.

First of all I want to point readers to the fantastic documentation Login 2 Live, you can watch it here the next view days (don’t mind the german subtitles, its mostly spoken english) Just click on the banner:

and you can find a great review on Inara Peys blog.

Don’t get it wrong. Its about people not so much about Second Life or World of Warcraft themself.
Some more posts will soon follow.



  1. Inara Pey said,

    TY… would just like to point out that the review you point to is by Inara Pey, not Himitu Twine – although himi and I are good friends :).

    • Thank you Irina, I corrected it. I was searching for a name all over your blog and finally took it from the pictures.

  2. […] talked about it earlier on this blog. And here… and here. It was financed and first shown on public German television, so it was blocked to be made freely […]

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