October 23, 2011

14th Floor

Posted in Grids, Hypergrid at 7:35 pm by SarahAndrea Royce

When I set up my first Region in my homegrown OpenSim, I named it 14th floor after the often overlooked, but great movie: 13th Floor.

Yet it is not a perfect match for what the island has become right now nor what I plan it to be in the future.

Currently it is not fully equipped. But I have one spot, the Island of lovers, that is exactly how I like it to be: The Island of lovers:

The Island of Lovers

While you can sit around a fire and theres a view couple dances prepared, it does not completley catch up with its name. There is no place a pair can spend cuddling and snuggling. I plan to do such a spot right here in the shadow of the tree:
A nice spot on the Island of Lovers
Its a very nice place at sunset, too:
In the evening

At the opposite part of my island I had a hugh project, a big “Fachwerkhaus” I built from scratch based on some real world corn storages:
Nearly finished
It has 4 floors and this is how it looks like from the inside:
And what I’m most proud of is the lifting block on the front, which is very detailed and, as I prefer, is completely done whit basic prims:
Its done
In more detail:
More Detail

If you want to take a closer look inworld, feel free to visit:

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