November 23, 2011

My Grid is paused

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When one thing is true, its that to experience and explore all aspects of virtual worlds you need all the computer power, you can get. Yet my Computer is two years old and originally came with a Vista 32 bit installation with a cheap update option for the then soon to be released Windows 7. While it came with 4 GB of ram, the 32bit Windows systems hid a GB from me, witch did not bother me that much that time, 64bit Systems where said to be all kinds of troubles.

But that changed after I found this new hobby. Because I’m not a gamer I never looked out for graphic power, so I upgraded my graphiccard last month. While the need of ram and processor power immediately dropped for the SL client, on the other hand I needed more and more power for the basic stuff. A website I set up on IIS 7 and MS SQL Server (the Windows webserver and powerfull database) and needed Apache and MySQL running for the Grid too, and that’s before Robust and OpenSim, the two peaces of software that make your grid real, was even mentioned. Adobe Premiere, an advanced video editing Software I liked to use for making machinima, even only runs on 64 bit systems to start with

So I decided to the route of what I wanted to avoid all along. I work in information technology and we have a saying “never touch a running system”. And its oh so true, over the course of two years I installed and organized so many things that I knew it will be very hard to get everything up to the same level again. Because you can’t just update a running system, you have to set it up new from scratch.

So sunday I finally did was inevitable all along. I started to save all databases and a view other configurations, where possible, and did it.

I’m up to 80% of the functionality again, yet, three days later, and I still run into autoupgradeissues, problems my computer had from the start (when it was turned of once it has real problems to boot again), and the restoring of my Grid is not that easy that it looked at first, because there where changes to the MySQL Server itself that I didn’t make a note anywhere about and the saved backup in text form (SQL) did not recreate the database so complete that I could start it again. Since the data is preserved in there, I think I can recreate it complete, but it will be hard work.

So maybe, my Grid will even be down a few days longer – and in the worst case I (Avatar) loose my inventory.

Its a very hurtful way to get a gigabyte of ram I owned from the start, and its not even a technical necessity, its a marketing decision from Microsoft not to allow higher Ram on 32 bit. But it paved the way should I want to upgrade to 8GB (its maximum with the board) and since the problem of all this services running in the background stays I think of reactivating an older computer (Athlon 64×2 with 2GB) for those and keep server and desktop business strictly separated.

November 9, 2011

Snowland is No(go)land

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Triggered by the recent fun on the Route 2 in the north of the continent Heterocera Atoll. As beautiful as this road and many of its other roads was, as disappoiting was the continent Sansara, as far as I read the first one ever to appear in the virutal world of Second Life.

I was inspired to visit it by an article in the virtual magazine (how maching ;- ) “The Second Life Builder” which pointet to an old article about a snail rally that was held there.

The first hard thing was to find a rezzone. I tried to made my start where the road of that certain rally began and I flew over many seems without spotting a single one. Finally I used the search and came out a a rezzone in the middle of the continent. At least I could start than. And not only where the roads sterile in texture and “flow” (all straight ahead or with sharp angles). Along the way were all kind off buildings and shops and very very big advertisement signs. Actually I was more than a little renembered of the uglier roads in the USA, where I made to great roadtrips together with my mother. Avoid staying in Flaggstaff, by the way. As romantic as the Santa Fee Express, the Route 66 and Flaggstaffs mentioning in Stephen King novels may paint it.

When I entered the Snowlans, the new Hardtop of the 1957 came in Handy, and I found even three places that where nice enaugh to take a photo. Yet the only positiv thing I can say, is that the textures of the roads where somewhat nice πŸ˜‰

one of the view nice spots

Frozen roads

The best photo I could take on a bridge, I really love the way the shadows work out:

Great Shadows

Its a shame that a themed roadnetwork like that what was not built with the same feeling as it was the coastal Route 2.

I searched a random youtoube video as a message to the Lindens. This is how a mountain road in winter would look like:

November 8, 2011


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There is a group in Second Life for Machinimatographers which has weekly meetings. The MachinimaMonday Group.

Earlier this day, yesterday for americans, I attended the Machinima Monday meeting. A very good opportunity to learn more about machinima making and see a lot of good ones:

Virtual Marathon

Ambrosia’s trialer

Burn2 – Artists in the Desert by Scissores

Funny thing is, with attending such meetings at ungodly hours (4-5am in the morning, you can see my dire need for coffee in the photo) I bump into more and more second life celebrities. After meeting Draxtor at the Month of Machinima Kick off event for November, dressed as a character of his latest machinima.
"Mesh gut, Ja, Jawoll!"
This time, two seets to my right (actually, from my point of view to the left), sat Evie Fairchield, one of the oldes Second Life Citizens and the first one to have a private owned sim ever.
Machinima Monday
And she entered a video for discussion, too:

Evie Fairchild – Through the Looking Glass, Avatar Repertory Theater

JJCCC Coronet – JJ La Roux

SarahAndrea Royce – Interlude

Actually it was well received, which made me quite happy πŸ™‚

There were three more machinimas discussed but of different reasons I will not post them. One is not public, one was not from Second Life and one was my Trailer for Second gear. The idea of having a regular machinima show resonated quite well with the people who then were still there.

A visit to Stepford

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After reading Marryan Daines travelling review I paid a visit to Stepford (SURL: today.

With that name I instantly had “Stepford Wifes” in my mind, a novel that not only was the basic for two films and a some comedic interpretations, but made it even into common language. And the description didn’t make it better:

“Stepford, the Second Life family paradise, a place that has no crime, no poverty, and no pushing.
The Town of Stepford is a modern-day expression of a gated community.
… ”

Take Second Life out of it and it could be an advertisement of the community described in the book.

Yet the roads where nice. Lots of dead ends, often leading to some better homes but really nice over hills, with corners, nice views and everything. Yet noone was there and erverything looked a bit too clean. I felt quite uncanny.

Stepford, my oh my...

So I actually did not order a coffee… who knows what they mix in it over there…

November 6, 2011

En route

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Now that I have my dreamcar (the 1957) I was in great need of a nice road other than the racetracks.

The community pointed me to the Route 2, a protected route on the mainland, reminding of great RL roads I’ve driven on the French Reviera. Winding its way on the coastline its quite a scenic road

A first stop to take a photo
Mainland Route 2

This was in fact a bridge for pedestrians
Route 2 with the 1957

Nice views all over
Route 2 with the 1957

Later I made a break for an icecream
Route 2 with the 1957

Mainland Route 2

Many lighthouse, too.
This was the actual southeastern end of Route 2

Route 2 with the 1957

I even found a very nice free spot with access to the road and to the sea, which for the first time ever made me think if owning land in Second Life may be an option.

November 4, 2011

Remember, remember, the fifth of November

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Tomorrow is Guy Fawkes Day, the guy who inspired the mask of V (V for Vendetta) which in turn inspired the Anonymous group to use said anonymity of the Guy Fawkes mask – and is the base for the “Occupy” movement.

So just in time I occupied the oval office:
Remember, remember, the fifth of november

I’m part of the 99%. What defines the 99%? We pay more interest then we receive thus almost invisbly loosing it all to the 1%, and it gets faster and faster. The masters of the money, who can create it out of nowhere in the form of giving credits (without a need to have the lent money in the first place) show their power very open since 2007.

I’m part of the 99% even though I was able to own a Ferrari and a Porsche at the same time – not in SL in “RL”.

Theres currently a Guy Fawks exhibition in Second life, if you want to learn more of the roots. Yet Fawks fight had another background.

November 2, 2011

Now cuddling and snuggling on the Island of lovers

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I earlier on presented you the spot on my Island of lovers I reserved for romantic interaction.

Now its here and you am invited over to spend a romantic day- or night out here ( ):

... in the ....



Dancing on the peer

This was easily made possible with the help of Linda Kellies Region OAR, which I installed on my server without access from the outside. It is like I have a sim sized closet now πŸ˜‰

November 1, 2011

Car crazy

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Since Pro Street Cars had that Halloween Special, where you can buy a car and gift a car the same prize of lower to anyone (including yourself) I made a purchase that I wanted to do for a longtime anyway. Actually I wanted to buy it as a rezzday present for myself, but than I got a bit distracted by my OpenSim.

So see her beauty:

And with it I giftet myself a car that otherwise I would never have bought because it is not my style, but it succeded the 1957 as technically best car of Second Life in all meens. Its Pro Street Cars first mesh-car, the TyFoon:

The TyFoon has arrived, too

Actually I used the event to buy a / two cars more. The 2300, a classic roadster I really liked and the Adventure Widebody, that I selected with machinimas in mind (in matte black its an ideal bad guys car πŸ˜‰ )

So I got from admirer to collector in a pretty quick fashion, leaving my inworld wallet with a deep impact πŸ˜‰ I think depending on the normal prices, vairiing with the exchange rate, would add up to about 100 Swiss Franks.

My Collection
From the left to the right:
Adventure Wide Body