November 1, 2011

Car crazy

Posted in Second Life at 4:32 pm by SarahAndrea Royce

Since Pro Street Cars had that Halloween Special, where you can buy a car and gift a car the same prize of lower to anyone (including yourself) I made a purchase that I wanted to do for a longtime anyway. Actually I wanted to buy it as a rezzday present for myself, but than I got a bit distracted by my OpenSim.

So see her beauty:

And with it I giftet myself a car that otherwise I would never have bought because it is not my style, but it succeded the 1957 as technically best car of Second Life in all meens. Its Pro Street Cars first mesh-car, the TyFoon:

The TyFoon has arrived, too

Actually I used the event to buy a / two cars more. The 2300, a classic roadster I really liked and the Adventure Widebody, that I selected with machinimas in mind (in matte black its an ideal bad guys car 😉 )

So I got from admirer to collector in a pretty quick fashion, leaving my inworld wallet with a deep impact 😉 I think depending on the normal prices, vairiing with the exchange rate, would add up to about 100 Swiss Franks.

My Collection
From the left to the right:
Adventure Wide Body


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