November 4, 2011

Remember, remember, the fifth of November

Posted in Second Life at 10:10 pm by SarahAndrea Royce

Tomorrow is Guy Fawkes Day, the guy who inspired the mask of V (V for Vendetta) which in turn inspired the Anonymous group to use said anonymity of the Guy Fawkes mask – and is the base for the “Occupy” movement.

So just in time I occupied the oval office:
Remember, remember, the fifth of november

I’m part of the 99%. What defines the 99%? We pay more interest then we receive thus almost invisbly loosing it all to the 1%, and it gets faster and faster. The masters of the money, who can create it out of nowhere in the form of giving credits (without a need to have the lent money in the first place) show their power very open since 2007.

I’m part of the 99% even though I was able to own a Ferrari and a Porsche at the same time – not in SL in “RL”.

Theres currently a Guy Fawks exhibition in Second life, if you want to learn more of the roots. Yet Fawks fight had another background.

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