November 6, 2011

En route

Posted in Second Life at 10:51 pm by SarahAndrea Royce

Now that I have my dreamcar (the 1957) I was in great need of a nice road other than the racetracks.

The community pointed me to the Route 2, a protected route on the mainland, reminding of great RL roads I’ve driven on the French Reviera. Winding its way on the coastline its quite a scenic road

A first stop to take a photo
Mainland Route 2

This was in fact a bridge for pedestrians
Route 2 with the 1957

Nice views all over
Route 2 with the 1957

Later I made a break for an icecream
Route 2 with the 1957

Mainland Route 2

Many lighthouse, too.
This was the actual southeastern end of Route 2

Route 2 with the 1957

I even found a very nice free spot with access to the road and to the sea, which for the first time ever made me think if owning land in Second Life may be an option.


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  1. […] it does. I rented mainland espacially because of the neighbourhood to the protected(!) Route 2 and its wateraccess because I like to make tours in air, on water and on land. And now its ruined […]

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