November 8, 2011

A visit to Stepford

Posted in Second Life at 1:11 am by SarahAndrea Royce

After reading Marryan Daines travelling review I paid a visit to Stepford (SURL: today.

With that name I instantly had “Stepford Wifes” in my mind, a novel that not only was the basic for two films and a some comedic interpretations, but made it even into common language. And the description didn’t make it better:

“Stepford, the Second Life family paradise, a place that has no crime, no poverty, and no pushing.
The Town of Stepford is a modern-day expression of a gated community.
… ”

Take Second Life out of it and it could be an advertisement of the community described in the book.

Yet the roads where nice. Lots of dead ends, often leading to some better homes but really nice over hills, with corners, nice views and everything. Yet noone was there and erverything looked a bit too clean. I felt quite uncanny.

Stepford, my oh my...

So I actually did not order a coffee… who knows what they mix in it over there…


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  1. I visited there myself about a month ago. Beyond what you note, I checked out one of the houses, and it just made me feel like so many RL development model houses, and with too tight corners for turns. It even had a powder room and a full bath — including toilet. I can understand a shower or bath; I don’t mind a nice relaxing SL sauna, either. But if I need to use the head, I’ll go join the Navy or Coast Guard (grin).

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