November 8, 2011


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There is a group in Second Life for Machinimatographers which has weekly meetings. The MachinimaMonday Group.

Earlier this day, yesterday for americans, I attended the Machinima Monday meeting. A very good opportunity to learn more about machinima making and see a lot of good ones:

Virtual Marathon

Ambrosia’s trialer

Burn2 – Artists in the Desert by Scissores

Funny thing is, with attending such meetings at ungodly hours (4-5am in the morning, you can see my dire need for coffee in the photo) I bump into more and more second life celebrities. After meeting Draxtor at the Month of Machinima Kick off event for November, dressed as a character of his latest machinima.
"Mesh gut, Ja, Jawoll!"
This time, two seets to my right (actually, from my point of view to the left), sat Evie Fairchield, one of the oldes Second Life Citizens and the first one to have a private owned sim ever.
Machinima Monday
And she entered a video for discussion, too:

Evie Fairchild – Through the Looking Glass, Avatar Repertory Theater

JJCCC Coronet – JJ La Roux

SarahAndrea Royce – Interlude

Actually it was well received, which made me quite happy 🙂

There were three more machinimas discussed but of different reasons I will not post them. One is not public, one was not from Second Life and one was my Trailer for Second gear. The idea of having a regular machinima show resonated quite well with the people who then were still there.

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