December 14, 2011

I did it.

Posted in Second Life at 6:02 pm by SarahAndrea Royce

When I wrote about my experiences travelling the Route2 on Heterocera, I wrote
I even found a very nice free spot with access to the road and to the sea, which for the first time ever made me think if owning land in Second Life may be an option
About a month long I again and again visited said spot, and than there was that Linden Lab special with a quarter of a year premium for half price, and I thought, OK, now or never and first I upgraded my subscription and then made the biggest purchase ever in SL, investing about the same amount of money for it as I have paid for my entire SL-Experience before.
I bought the red spot on the Region Algira:
The red spot on Algira is mine
It has access to the Route 2 on one side and (protected) access to the water on the other.

So the first thing I built was a parking deck where I can keep my favourite cars rezzed and directly start tours from my home.
As I wanted to use the space as ergonomicly as possible I mad a rotating ramp which I tested in a sandbox over and over again to find the right size and hight an added the parkdeck afterwards. So this set the basic outline for my builing, which I wanted to do as much with that flair of the french reviera as possible. This is a view from the street side.
I was very active
The building left enaugh space for banks and flowers and, a plan I have, some waterplays, maybe a bit inspired by the Bellagio in Las Vegas. But I’m still active with the basic outlining and I have to watch prims here (for which there is no need on my OpenSim).

On the water side I opened the house into some balconies:
Today I closed the last gap on the balconie-side
and a peer:
Parts of my home and my peer
At first only with a freebie Sailboat, which is in fact a pretty nice one. I actually thought this would be more of a piece of eye candy since there are no additional water regions on the western side of Heterocera, only what is “leftover” on each sim, but when my new neighbour and I discussed the “December Premiumgift” and I rezzed it to have a closer look, we sponanously made a tour, and I found out, that I can sail about 10 Sims down south and back if I like, before there are borders, where no space is left for a passing boat.
The next day my neighbour came over with some pretty nice photos from the event:
My neighbour showed me his photos
And I really had the urge to get a motorboat. A small one, no yacht, and one with a classic look please. So I ended up with the fine Capri:
Exploring the neighbourhood
Under the main building there is still some room, which I will prepare for a shop, but want to stay true to the french riviera idea and make typical small storefronts. Under the ramp I made a dance floor and an attached stage, both overgrown with wineyards. And, feeling happy to have such a friendly neighbour I build a pathway between his and my land, which even doubles as virtually growing his small 512m2 spot a bit.

Its really a whole new experience, having a building in such an area with cars and boats readily parked for a nice tour
I let my neighbour sail the boat
Only sad thing is the neighbour to my right who uses his spot for a rudimentary built shop, only wrapped in some alpha-forrest-textures, and the landlord who sells some of the land around mine, blocking the waterways somewhat with ugly plates and even more annoying bright lightpoles. I do not really belief it helps him with land sales, because who wants a spot of land in the mids of this?
Landlords that destroy the second life experience

Meanwhile I’m quite happy to show my friends around
With Kim
Having Friends over

By the way. I have an “open policy” no banlines or such crap, and autoreturn is set to 5 minutes if you want to rez something. So, eg. you can come by on one the road 2, park your car on the parkdeck, go to the waterfront and rez your boat to start sailing, later can come back and rerezz the car to continue your tour on the road.

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  1. […] does. I rented mainland espacially because of the neighbourhood to the protected(!) Route 2 and its wateraccess because I like to make tours in air, on water and on land. And now its ruined with that […]

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