December 16, 2011

Now with shadow, there is chrome, too.

Posted in Second Life at 1:21 am by SarahAndrea Royce

It was a long while that shine effects where handled quite different with shadows activated and lightsources spread their light through all walls. You had one “layer” of shadow and if you were inside a building, you usually had just the usual ambient light left.

As Inara Pey pointed out, with the last Betaviewer, there was a change to this: Lighting projectors: Adding depth to SL

Now with the newest Beta Viewer, they fixed the problem with the shine too. So finally you can have chrome, gold or other metalleffects like you had them without shadow and it stays the same way with shadows too.

Quite a while ago, I made a photo that demonstrates the effect quite well on my own work:

Shadow looks good, o well, o no, what is this????
(Its not the nices angle for the car 😉 )

This photo I made today:

Now with Shadow, there is chrome

They work more and more on the details, speeding up with use of a modernized OpenGL for the FPS, lighting and now shine, they definatly are way ahead now from all other viewers in terms of looks.


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