December 17, 2011

Theres quite a discussion about the new old shine

Posted in Grids at 1:36 pm by SarahAndrea Royce

Not everyone loves the new old shine as much as I do. Theres quite a discussion on the Jira ( ) with some people on the opposite of my stand whom I value dearly.

Niran who builts Nirans viewer (an inofficial successor of Kirstens viewer) even said he will most likely not implement it in his viewer because from his point of view, it destroys a lot of content that was especially built for the way shine was handled with shadow. An important difference, at least at the first look, is that at least the highest setting of shine changes the color of the object. On the other hand, with the previous shadow-shine it was simply not possible to look anything realistically shine like metal. Be it metal itself like chrome or gold or a carcolor. You can see all of it in this image of my roadster:
Roadster in SL and alive
While without shadow, what is chrome is then white and what is a dark red metallique color is just plain red and looks like cheap plastic.

And I honestly think that nearly everything with the old shadow-shine looks exactly like that: Plastic. With exceptions, I made a matrix of my “peace of art” under different conditions, comparing the old ways on polished stone:

For discussions about old and new shine

Here you see another problem. In shadow, without an additional lightsource and ignoring the ambient light, there is simply no visible shine leaving to the eye a blob of undefineable something.

And I really think there is much more content broken with the old shadow-shine, now with better options for actually using shadow for more and more people, than there is content that was built to the ways of the old shadow-shine.

What do you think?


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