January 11, 2012


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The OpenSim Provider Keitly was the first to sell (OpenSim-)land pretty cheap due to a trick. When no user is on a sim, it goes into a suspension mode thus not needing any server resources. Now Linden Lab has copied this trick to save real money. Other than Kitley, Linden Labs savings am not reflected in price savings for Linden Labs customers. As the CEO said, all that is to be expected, is that Second Life land fees do not increase in 2012.

Still one could think its a good thing, if the company makes Second Life more profitable, the product is safe, and as long as it doesn’t hurt someone?

Well it does. I rented mainland espacially because of the neighbourhood to the protected(!) Route 2 and its wateraccess because I like to make tours in air, on water and on land. And now its ruined with that “innovation”.

Missing neighbourhood

1. Sims am not visible while noone is on them.
2. have to boot from suspension when you enter them, which may take a minute and does not preload the scenerie.
3. I can only see the sim my land is on. Good thing my land is more in the center

So its simply not possible anymore to travel fluently with, lets say even a slow 10 mp/h speed over mainlandregions.

I feel screwed by Linden Lab!



  1. What if the region has a magic box for your marketplace products or networked vendors? If this is for real, I’m predicting a large increase in delivery failures… and the use of bot clients just to keep regions with magic boxes from going offline.

    • I have my magic box on a private sim, but I have meeroos on my continental spot. Those send notifications of new nests even when noone is on the sim.

  2. I was a bit skeptical of this after noting a lack of cited sources during a second reading, but I’ve logged into SL and I’ve confirmed that this sort of behavior is occurring on the mainland.

    I logged in to Kuula and saw one diagonal neighbor that was empty of terrain and objects, but showed up in search. Upon trying to enter it, no region crossing was initiated and my X/Y coordinates showed negative values, and I was able to freely move around.

    After floating around for 30-60 seconds, the region finally came up and the region crossing was initiated.

    • Crap Mariner said,

      @Zaub – Is it affecting private estates as well?


      • I initially saw some people report on Plurk that their homesteads were affected, but one person has reported this happening on their private regions.

  3. I’ve been seeing this often in my mainland region of Craigavon and the neighboring Granville.

  4. I also tried to duplicate this, but with no success. Crossings behaved normally in a number of regions, most of which were full mainland regions with less than 40 traffic

  5. Desmond Shang said,

    Extremely concerned by this.

    While I support Linden Research’s efforts to stay profitable ~ something we *all* need them to do… the product is, at bottom, about persistence. And not just for avatars. Mine is not the only business model that will be broken with such a change.

    Interested in any information or verification anyone can provide about this alleged change. Let’s confirm this.

  6. A view days ago I made a boattrip, and this time it worked better. Maybe they working on faster loading. Yet I still do not see the neighbourhoods to the north and east (there is none to the west and the one south seems to be a bit more inhibited). I don’t know how this effects Servicescripts located on the sim. I have a magic box, but I have it a friends realm.

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