January 26, 2012

Firefly – and radical feminism – Part 1

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When I was reading TVTropes I so often came over mentionings of the show Firefly (and the follow up movie Serenity) that I finally had to watch it. I was not extremely hooked because it was cancelled premature after the first season and those pretty much left it with the character introducion only starting to built up the story arcs, wich were planned out over several years. While not ending with a cliffhanger (unlike Farscape after it was cancelled) the movie pretty much took most interesting arc and finished it (a bit premature). I think a lot of the idealization is about the “what could have been” factor but it was not bad at all. I’m espacially a fan of Summer Glau now, whom I previously only have seen as Cameron in Sarah Connor Chronicles where she plays a terminator, a machine without a real character.

The showrunner was Joss Wheadon of “Buffy, the Vampire Slayer” fame, which sume people assume to be a feminist work. I cat judge it, I only seen a few episodes when it came out and I thought of it as beeing a bit boring. After I liked Firefly, I will give it a try now.

But maybe strong female characters are enough to label a showrunner feminist and honestly if you read headlines like this:
Spike TV chief Albie Hecht fired for luring women viewers(2005)
or like that:
Warner Bros president of production Jeff Robinov has made a new decree that “We are no longer doing movies with women in the lead”.(2007) it might to be supposed enough to qualify, sadly.

However, calling a man a feminist has fetched the attention of radical feminist Allecto.

Now, you might have never heard of radical feminism but its pretty much the real life version of the TVTrope “The Straw Feminist”.

It began with some good work of second wave feminist in exploring the powerstructurs and the concept of privileges those that have them are usually unable to even recognize, mixed in with the message of a certain John Money that split sex (the body) and gender (the cultural part) and claimed the latter can be bent in either direction if started early enough, so that the traits associated with each gender itself are all a matter of upbringing. He did this, by the way, not to empower women in any form, but to “normalize” the butchering of intersexual children that can be raised to be whatever sex (optically) was constructed. This left a trail of traumatized intersexual persons, but albeit become a mantra of general feminism who do not see genderidentity (wich would better be labeled sexidentitiy) and genderrole seperat, the first being inborn and the latter being pretty much cultural.

Despite it was not exactly correct it was a very empowering message to women who could no longer be taught they are inferior to men and many made their way to show the world exactly that.

But Radical Feminism goes further. It pretty much sees any relationship between man and women only from the aspect of the still existing powerdivide and thus reacting by damning anything male, often to the point, where women who am in relationships to men are often called out for participating in the patriarchat. They see themselves as the most oppressed persons on the planet thus entitled to calling out anyone who doesn’t share their few as oppressing them if they call them out on something they say or do, which often enough is oppressing discrimation in itself.

And I will certainly get my share of that, when I analyse the analysises of Firefly and several episodes Allecto has done on her blog Gorgon Poisons in Part 2.

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