My Games

A list of my games and game projects and their current status

I will publish most games without a fee. But if you like it, feel free to donate:

Cuurently in Development:
Playmory, my February 2013 Entry for the #OneGameAMonth challenge. I will publish it in the next few days here and on Steam-Workshop.

an audio based Memory for 1 to 4 players.

Playmory on Android

As you can see, it will also be made available on many platforms.

as it was requested on Twitter, I hereby publish a very early demo (only for two players) of playmory. Click for the Executable.

Oh, great, that creation did cost me a days worth of work, as the older copied project saved back in the original folder!!!!


Currently Doing:

To Do:

To my own surprise I started right away on friday with the game, after effectivly sleeping only one hour after the Risc’n’Resc crunch.

Currently in Development:
Risc’n’Resc, my January 2013 Entry for the #OneGameAMonth challenge.

“Go to ‘search and rescue’, they said, thats safe… what little did they know, theres a reason we call it “Risc’n’Resc'”

Objective: Go into space combat zones and rescue crashed fellows.

January the 31th (or the first of April in Europe, actually:
A playable version. Well, only the tutorial right now, but that will change fast.

January the 29th

I did not make an update yesterday. I crunched too long and was too tired 😉
Today I finished the surrounding gameplay elements. The startscreen with scrolling credits and options and the messaging / control system for the levels. I even startet with the tutorial levels. But still no progress on the visual front. Currently I think I will enter a version without real graphics and do a real good polish afterwards. While the rules clearly say its okay, I think the concept and the start is too good to just end it there and forget about it to start the february game.

January the 27th
Gameplay Development

Before I even start with the visual part, the gameplay has to be there (partly as a fallback if I don’t get ready). So everything looks a bit rudimentary, but most elements are visible now:
In the top right corner there is the inventory / weapons selection. Currently selected is the multi tool, which is aptly named as it can do quite a lot. For one it can show information about enemy objects with a mouse over. The canon I destroyed not completely so I can use the cannons them self now as a new weapon. Therefor I have to fly over it and press space to use the multi tool, which installs the system.

The yellow block represents the crashed team you’ll have to rescue. Them too you grab with the multi tool, but its different in that when you transport them, you cannot use other weapons. So you have to clean everything up before you get your mates out of there.

In the multi tools contextsensitive HUD you also have a needle that always shows in the direction of the team.

January the 26th
Work in Progress, my January entry

Started: January the 25th 2013


Basic game mechanics

Currently doing:
Further implemtation of the core game mechanics




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