February 15, 2013

Starting up by downgrading my workplace? Part 1

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It’s usually not that much in the focus of the readers of the blog and while I did drop it occasionally, my real life avatar is located at the wonderful city of Zürich, Switzerland. A place thats quality of live was repeatadly prized as the city providing the most quality of life (now it has lost the first place to Vienna.), and its not hard to see why:


That is a photo I shot at a break after lunch. Switzerland is not only beautiful, it has also some of the biggest salaries worldwide, which includes “lower” Jobs like a Mc Donalds employee who goes home after hours of burger flipping each valued with at least 20 Swiss franks (CHF), and a CHF is roughly about an US dollar. Rents (Swiss people prefer to live in rented flats) and grocery are pretty expensive, especially meat. So its a bit evened out. But everything else costs about as much as anywhere else, so each frank you earn over your basic needs will get you better clothes, cars and other things not beginning with the letter ‘c’.

No wonder car connoisseur is a common hobby. I live in an area, where there live 51% foreign people and which has pretty much an image as one for the poor, yet there is a garage only a few minutes from my flat that has a Porsche 959 and various other Porsche preziosa as well as a BMW M1 (no that is not the sport version of the current 1xx coupe).In a pretty easy to break in tin-built building. So you can guess the crime rate is also very low. An official Ferrari Dealership is in the next quarter (they are called cities, but in every other country they would be called quarters of Zuerich). I myself had an, actually cheap and old, Porsche as daily driver and later on got a classic Ferrari as a nice addition to it (which was, by the way, in the end the cheapest car I ever had), which is actually pretty stupid, as public transportation is excellent and often much faster, and you don’t have to worry about parking space that is sparse, even in rural areas.

Photo by Julian Köppe. Exotics aren’t that exotic if you see them every day. In Zürich that includes Aston Martins, which is a miracle to me, because there aren’t produced that many. Half of Aston Martins production seems to be sold to Zürichs citizens.