So you found my blog and you may wonder who I am. You could call me a traveller and adventurer. A traveller of worlds that exist in another realm. Once only words could catch your mind and bring you this kind of experience, and usually you where quite alone, because that world only existed in your fantasy triggered by the magic of the narrator.

Today its possible to share those virtual worlds where creativity knows few boundaries. These kind of worlds was dreamed of and written about by many authors, often in a way inducing fear by placing the character in such a world only to loose the connection to reality.

It turned out to be not that, but it comes close. A company named Linden Lab started to make it as true as possible, and it named its product Second Life. And after a while and opening up a bit, people from all over the world not only created the Second Life Experience, but also the possibility of creating the worlds themeself – for your business or just for your home.

This is the age of the grids, each worlds with many a land, and some of them connected to built the hypergrid. The ultimate freedom.

SarahAndrea is my manifestation in those worlds. I made an appearence I share in all of them, while I have to admit, I’m a bit more of the fairy I often represent in Second Life, where my journey began.
Playfull, not fully grown up and beautyfull but not a target for male gaze.

You can meet me in Second Life, OSGrid and the Hypergrids as SarahAndrea Royce. Only in NexXtLife, a world of german tongue, my name is SarahAndrea Rolls.

Second Life

My first and still lasting avatarThis was my first avatar. I tried to do the facial features close to my real life, yet don’t bother with my real life weight issue. Then I was gifted a very good skin with a darker tone, while in real life I have quite light skin and dark blonde hair. I prefere black hair in Second life, because its easier to make it look good and thus there am more variations. I’m looking about 30 when I’m like this.

My fairy natureMy fairy nature. While nowhere resembling my real life avatar, the one that not so easiley can be changed, shes the most rewarding. This shown me another side of immersion, how your appearance and movements cross the border of the visual and play with my personality. Maybe it just enables me to let this side of me out, but I feel so much energy with her hopping and wheeling all over the place. I used professional Skin, Shape and AOs which are all not moveable to other grids, otherwise I would like to be fairy all over the worlds. I share with the mytholocical fairies the combination of wisdom of age, yet the playfullness and appearence of an adolescent girl. Even in the use of magic.


The complete Blue Velvet Special Edition line
When I read about NexXtLife, I got curious. The idea of exploring not only new frontiers in Second Life but another grid I had to do an avatar from scratch there. Again I tried to make my facial features similar to my real life, yet did not bother to make it that accurate, resulting in a youthfull version of myself. While I tried to make a realistic body, I ended up being about 1.69 which is, unusual for the grids, even smaller than my real life avatar. First I used the Pleades skin from Robyn wood, than I baught some fine and not too expensive photoshop skintemplates, of which I combined two to make what was really a good, yet unique skin I could use everywhere. I’m still in the process of doing a good eyeskin to use everywhere. While I thought I look about 16 like that, some other girl, citizen of OSGrid, supposed my avatar to look 14 and very childish. Which she liked very much, being a virtual child herself. With reasons quite similar to why I like being a fairy so much.

All grids

Avatar from NexXtLife
Here I wear my very own eyes.
A small addition
While in Second Life I have a hugh collection of hair and great clothes and costumes I tried with my new self, I still not found the right hair on the hypergrid and OSgrid, to which I’m quite new… so I’m running around bald yet:
OSGrid: Wright Plaza

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