Tortured Prim

Tortured Prim was started, when I visited my first grid away from Second Life. It is a closed grid with their own currency and a growing number of regulars, all German. With so few available things I quickly made a prim-skirt and some jewellery and when I went dancing I was quickly asked I would like to built and sell there.
It was possible to get a free shop in the central mall, “paid” by four freebies which I did. A red top, the necklace that inspired it all, a package of all you need to do prim-skirts and a package of all you need to do jewellery. My plan was to focus on clothes, but I needed shoes to fit them and such the first thing I did was to sell shoes in a kind of Pre-Première. Which sold very well on its own.
A set of shoes - the Silverlight line
It was quite re-leaving to make business in my mothertounge. I had planned to make a German tutorial for the two freebeepackages and so I made some jewellery, documenting each step with a snapshot… than I got carried away and did a lot more. The jewellery was matched to a dress I bought in the grid and I talked to the designer. Next thing I was presenting a completed line matched to hers in her own shop. I had my first outlet.
Velvet and Fleur Jewelry
The necklaces and the earrings where so wonderful that I desperately wanted to have them in second life, too. After a while I found out how I can do that and so Tortured Prim* started in another grid, became a Second Life label, too.
Visit Tortured Prim* on Marketplace
Yet still some items will be reserved for the OpenSim based grids, because the use special features, like the Horoskop (horoscope) series. Well presented in my shop by creating a display inspired by the original circle:
Horoscope necklaces
a closer look: Horoscope necklaces

While I slipped more and more into making jewellery and accessoirs, planning on some scarfs and hats there came something complete different. A car that started out as a bit of a challenge. Rooted in Second Life Empathica Eccentrica, I could not do other then occasionally building just for fun and art. Yet again the result was so stunning, that it found its way to Second Life, where its being prepared to be a very special product.
Even my roadster was presented

Most of this products will be featured on separate pages in more detail. If you bought a product from me, and want it an a separate grid too, please feel free to ask.

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